What little boy doesn't love trains?

Watch as this little boy anxiously awaits for a train to approach him and his father. Not only is he excited to see a train, but he hopes for the conductor/engineer to blow the horn too.

Well, they apparently saw him and they did more than just roll past him. The train actually came to a screeching halt, while blowing its horn, and the engineer continued to blow the train's horn upon stopping for the little boy.

You can see the excitement on this little boy's face here and now the internet can't get enough of his excitement. It's as if we watched his dream come true right before our own eyes.

I applaud the dad of this little boy for taking the time to let his son see a train and I applaud those on the train for taking the time to stop for the little guy here.

This video will prove to you once again that there still are some very compassionate people out there.

This is so sweet.


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