If I'm to believe the results of a recent survey, 2018 will mark the year I officially become old.

In August I'll turn 41 and that just happens to be the average age that you allegedly become an old person. According to said survey, you fully make the transition by age 57.

Here are the top 10 signs you're becoming old. Let's see how many we can all check off the list.

  1. Forgetting people's names
  2. Losing hair
  3. Feeling stiff
  4. Talking a lot about your joints and aches
  5. Groaning when you bend down
  6. Not knowing popular music
  7. Misplacing your keys and glasses
  8. Getting hairier eyebrows, more nose hairs, and more ear hairs
  9. Not lifting heavy things because you're worried about your back
  10. Saying, "Back in my day."

Well crap, I do about all of these! AARP, here I come.

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