Oh Lord, the folks at Business Insider have really given us fuel for a fun discussion. Since we are a society that likes to compare. Let's compare us to what science thinks or should I say knows about the human condition.

We are all painfully aware of how as we age our physical abilities tend to decrease. By painfully aware, I was referring to just how hard it was to stand up and get out of bed today. But that's just me, you might have your own issues you're dealing with.

What do you think you are most physically or mentally equipped to do when you are seven years old? Play video games? Invest in the stock market? No, it's neither of those according to the Business Insider report you are at your best to learn a second language. Cheers to all those educators who are teaching our children young to have better global communicative skills. 

The one dot on the B.I. the chart that really confuses me is what they say science says when you turn 18. The study says your brain processing power is at its greatest when you are 18 years old.  From what I can remember of being 18 I didn't process a whole lot of thought at all.

The chart itself is very interesting and at times very depressing. I am at the stage in life where all I have to look forward to is basically learning to be happy with myself and then die.  I can only hope that I get those two things in the proper order.

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