A scientific study conducted by Simon Fraser University found that the more kids a woman has, the slower she ages. How can this even be remotely possible? Seems like it would be the other way around right? Not according to science!

You see, according to sciencedaily.com it all has to do with something called telomeres. Telomeres are "the protective tips found at the end of each DNA strand and are indicative of cellular aging".

Over the 13-year study, the scientists at Simon Fraser University found that the more children a woman gave birth to, the longer the telomeres strands at the end of their DNA was.

Longer telomeres = slower aging.

"The participants' telomere lengths were measured at two time points 13 years apart, through salivary specimens and buccal swabs. This is the first study to examine the direct association between the number of children and telomere shortening in humans over time."





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