A lot of people, myself included, have wondered why we got the flu this year despite getting the flu shot. There are two strains circulating this season. The first is type A, which is the usual one. This year, there is also a type B circulating.

If you got your flu shot early, you’re probably not protected from type B. If you didn’t get the flu shot at all, you may get hit twice. This situation only occurs about once every 30 years. The result has been a pretty rough flu season, especially here in Louisiana. We are only halfway through it, by the way.

You can still get the flu shot. As always, there are other measures you can take. Drink plenty of fluids, take vitamins and get plenty of sleep. Wash your hands frequently. Many stores have wet wipe dispensers near the entrance. Use them. Wipe down your hands, and the handle on your shopping cart. Don't help it spread. If you’re sick, stay home from work. Don’t send sick kids to school.


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