A Facebook Group has surfaced to help local high school seniors feel the joy of graduation during a time when proms and graduations are being canceled or postponed.

The Greater Acadiana Area Adopt a Senior 2020 Facebook Group is allowing people to post a short bio of their graduating senior and, in turn, people who read the post can choose to "adopt" that senior. Once someone chooses a senior to adopt, he or she is then encouraged to send a note or a gift to let then know that "we are all rooting for them".

The goal here is to not allow the coronavirus lock-down totally ruin the graduation/senior year experience for these young adults. Your card, gift, etc., will help ease a stressful time in their lives and, hopefully, bring a little joy.

Pay it forward by helping a local senior in need of a little pick-me-up. It'll be a pick-you-up, too.


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