Although this Mighty Lion student didn't quite pull off the epic backflip he attempted at graduation, he's hoping the video of his misstep can go viral, and we're down for the cause.

lafayette high graduation 2022
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A Lafayette High student planned a celebratory backflip after receiving his diploma this past Saturday at the Cajundome. To his credit, he almost stuck the landing...almost.

Luke Leger, along with hundreds of fellow graduating Seniors reached a special milestone at the Cajundome Saturday, May 21, 2022, in front of an adoring crowd of thousands.

One by one the students walked across the stage for their big moment, pausing briefly for a photo with Lafayette High Principal Dr. Rachel Brown before exiting the stage to receive their diplomas and go back to their seats.

There were 475 graduates at the ceremony, but there was one student in particular that everyone at the Cajundome remembers.

That graduate is Luke Leger.

As you'll see in the video, right after he had his picture taken with Dr. Brown he turns, takes his cap off, throws caution to the wind in jubilant celebration, and jumps in the air for a backflip.

TikTik @lukeleger_
TikTok @lukeleger_


There's no doubt Leger is more than capable of pulling off this impressive physical feat and certainly executes it routinely.

However, it seems Leger didn't account for his gown restricting his rotation and didn't quite stick the landing.

He took it in great stride and thankfully wasn't hurt.

In the video Leger posted to his TikTok page, he captioned it with "Make this go viral".

Luke, we're here for it.

@lukeleger_make this viral🙌♬ original sound - luke leger

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