'X Factor' auditions are in full swing, but don't forget: The ones we're seeing right now were already taped, and the contestants are already going to their judges' houses in the post-bootcamp phase. And we have a spoiler: We know which team gets to work with Britney Spears! If you don't want to know which group she has, read no further!

Instead of divvying up the teams by boys, girls, over 30s and groups, the contestants are being divided by age: 12-16s, 17-25s, over 25s and groups. Spears has the 12-16 year old set! The Daily Mail snagged photos of the newly blue-tipped starlet at her home, coaching the tween and teen contestants for the Fox hit.

Most people assumed that fellow Disney vet, Demi Lovato, would get the youngest team, since that's the demographic that she's marketed to, but we actually think Spears is a great fit. Spears has previously admitted her soft spot for the younger contestants, saying, "The young ones are my favorite -- their innocent sparkle just gets me." So sweet, and the fact that she's a mom makes her a great fit for the youngest team members.

Joining Spears was rapper will.i.am, with whom she collaborated for his new record. Will.i.am has some experience with singing competition shows, as he was a judge on 'The Voice' in the U.K. We can't wait to see BritBrit interacting with the tween set -- especially since Simon Cowell nicknamed her the 'Queen of Mean!'

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