Demi Lovato and her blue hair hit 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' tonight (Nov. 25) to promote the dwindling days of Season 3 of 'X Factor.' The singer and actress revealed that she has to work on Thanksgiving this Thursday (Nov. 28) and that she has to pull a double shift, serving as a judge and performing on the reality singing competition.

But Lovato wasn't grumbling or grousing about having to work twice on a national holiday. She just looked at having the gig as another reason to be thankful.

Plus, Lovato is used to double duty, since she appeared in a guest role on 'Glee' this season, as well. That stint filmed and aired while she was actively judging on 'X Factor.' So Lovato is a girl who rolls up her glittery sleeves and gets to work. It's worth mentioning that she was also promoting her new album 'Demi,' as well.

While we're not sure that 'X Factor' will make it to a fourth season -- and if it does, it's certainly limping there -- Lovato still has a healthy attitude about her gig.

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