The audition rounds are over and 'X Factor' is moving full steam ahead with the boot camp phase, where the men will be separated from the boys, the women from the girls, the musical wheat from the chaff. By the end of the week, only 24 contestants will remain out of 120. Only the strong survive.

On tonight's (Oct. 3) episode, the hopefuls were in Miami, where the heat was on, both literally and figuratively. Task One was to pick a song and sing it in front of the rest of the contestants. It was by no means a holiday even though they were in a sunny hot spot.

Either stand out or go home, as Britney Spears stated. This was the round where all those acts that made us go "WTF?" when the judges gave them a pass either fall away and get sent home, or show us what the judges saw.

When all the boy bands performed, the producers made sure to play music beds of One Direction's 'Live While We're Young,' a subliminal reminder that 1D blew the hell up based on this show's British edition. Remember, 1D lost, yet are like 10 billion times bigger than what's his name, the dude who actually won.

The drama ensued when Rihanna lookalike Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey, who wears leopard spots on her face, each sang Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You.' Thomas was a bit pitchy but she stood out; Frey went deeper, and stood out as well. That one was too close to call.

Other standouts were as follows:

David Correy: The Travie McCoy lookalike is a full-on entertainer.
Austin Corini: The uber blond looks like someone our little sisters would swoon over.
Jessica Espinosa: We loved her red streaks and her smoky voice, but she didn't make it.
Jennel Garcia: We love her spunk and her voice.
Vino Alan: His name is wine, and his voice is like buttah.
Willie Jones: The African-American country singer owned it -- dude can croon. But Brit Brit doesn't like him.

Tomorrow night, we find out who is going to the judge's homes.

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