Millions of people call in sick that day anyway, right?

This year's Super Bowl will be here before you know it. This weekend we will witness conference championships that will determine which NFL teams will be headed to Miami for the biggest game of the season. The following week will be the Pro Bowl in Hawaii and then it's game on.

It's one of the most-watched sporting events of the year, regardless if your team is playing or not. My husband and I have hosted several watch parties over the years even if we hate both teams playing. It's a chance to get together, enjoy an adult beverage and eat carbs.

Which makes it difficult to get to work the next day.

In fact, 17 million people were expected to call in sick the Monday after last year's Super Bowl. Some may be celebrating a win, some may be mourning a loss, and others may still be trying to recover. Many have asked that this day be made a national holiday and maybe that will change in the future.

There is an online petition to make Super Bowl Monday a holiday. And yes, it's on Now this petition was started three years ago by Heinz Ketchup and since we haven't seen any progress, it feels dead in the water. However, FOX, who is broadcasting the big game, may have just reignited the flame with this ad.

Not only have they enlisted the help Saturday Night Live veteran Finesse Mitchell, but you'll also notice Toby from the office, better known as Paul Lieberstein. They have also assigned the movement a hashtag so you know it's serious. I guess all that's left to ask is...

Are you in for #SuperMonday?

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