All she wanted to do was show off a glamorous dress she was excited to wear.

Instead, the New Orleans woman who goes by @og_pocahontas on Twitter got tons of backlash—not for the dress, but for the filthy room in the background of her photo.

Commenters pointed out the clothes, shoes, and random items that littered the floor in the photo posted by the woman, whose real name is Alyssa.

The photo has been retweeted over 4,500 times, and even though it has been liked nearly 10,000 times the majority of the reactions on the post are negative.

Some people commented on the food and drink items scattered throughout the room. Others ripped on the amount of clothing on the ground that seemed to just lay wherever they were taken off.

Basically, the entire room soon became a huge game of iSpy and there were no holds barred.

One Twitter user even used their Photoshop skills to imagine Alyssa in a clean room.

The most outrageous claims came from those who were convinced they saw a rat climbing over a pile of clothes.

Then again, with the amount of fast food cups and snacks around the room, it wouldn't be surprising if it really was a rodent.

Some came to Alyssa's defense, urging others not to shame her for the dirty room, while others said if anything, it would be helpful in making sure she cleaned up her room before posting anymore mirror selfies.

She seems to be taking her newfound internet fame in stride, proudly wearing her new meme status.

My brother is going to be so impressed when I tell him I'm a meme. He's never going to clear his room again.

She even used the opportunity to post new selfies for all her new followers.

There is no word on the status of her room, but props to Alyssa for totally owning it.

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