"Tell me you've never been to New Orleans without telling me that you've never been to New Orleans."

That's a tweet from @Fresh_Logic in response to a woman who was floored to find out that the balconies that we see on every Popeyes restaurant building weren't "actual balconies."

If that wasn't enough to rock this poor woman's entire existence, she also realized the windows weren't "real" either.

Obviously, anyone from Louisiana understands why Popeyes uses this design on their building—especially New Orleans residents.

Many NOLA natives were quick to educate this woman, and some of the tweets were hilarious.

Someone even pointed out the older design of the building used to have black lava rocks (this totally brought me back to my childhood).

Even people from outside of Louisiana knew enough to help clear up her confusion.

Someone even pointed out that Popeyes gets even crazier with their designs in the New Orleans area during Mardi Gras.

In conclusion, the balconies at Popeyes may be fake, but the New Orleans flavor is still very real, and VERY delicious.

By the way, can we do Walgreens next?

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