Imagine picking up your new car from the dealership and in the blink of an eye, the ground opens up and swallows you. That's what happened to a customer at Frank Myers Auto Maxx in North Carolina.

Kia Long-Grant signed the leasing paperwork on a vehicle Friday. She returned on Monday to get the car detailed by the dealership. She walked out of the back door of the Winston-Salem car dealership and the ground literally opened up and swallowed her.

According to the Winston-Salem Fire Department, the parking lot sinkhole was approximately 15 feet wide and 8 feet deep.

Long-Grant said the ground collapsed beneath her.

I pulled into the parking lot, got out, went into the building, came out with the salesperson and the ground collapsed beneath me. Long-Grant via WXII

Local fire officials responded quickly and the woman was removed safely with only scrapes and bruises. However, as a precaution, Long-Grant was taken to a nearby hospital which found no broken bones.

I thank God that I did not have any broken bones, just a lot of scrapes and bruises and went to the hospital. They said I was OK. I'm, you know, mentally messed up because I think everywhere I go now I'm going to fall through the ground and, that my car's gonna go through the ground. I can't sleep at night, shaken, still trembling. -Long-Grant via WXII

Kia said she's never heard of a business's parking lot caving in like that. The owner of the dealership claims a pipe collapsed underground causing the pavement to sink.

I've seen sinkholes on movies and television shows but never here and never here in Winston-Salem. Obviously, they do happen. The fire department told us that they're fairly common. But don't think it happens in the middle of any business parking lot. -Long-Grant via WXII

Long-Grant is seeking the services of an attorney.

Currently, the sinkhole is barricaded.


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