Reports say that Dallas, TX area woman was arrested when she crashed her vehicle into a liquor store while trying to hit a male she was in a dispute with.

Video shows that when the woman backed out of the store to try and hit the man again, she hit a pedestrian as well as four other vehicles.

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According to a report out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, 58-year-old Annie Williams was in a domestic dispute with someone and attempted to hit the male with her vehicle. In her attempt, Williams drove her vehicle into the store front of a Liquor Depot.

After crashing through the front of the store, Williams once again attempted to hit the male by putting her car into reverse. In the process, she struck one pedestrian with the vehicle.

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The report says that the pedestrian suffered a broken ankle and was treated at an area hospital. But, this isn't where the incident ends.

After striking the pedestrian, who narrowly escaped a potentially worse fate, she struck a parked vehicle in the Liquor Depot lot.

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In the video, you can see glass flying as the vehicle strikes the parked car with no signs of stopping.

Twitter via @APopularNobody

While the male who was the target of the attack left the scene and has not been located since, Williams was arrested on multiple charges per the report. She was only arrested after an attempted traffic stop, where Williams led police on a brief pursuit.

See the full video posted to Twitter by @APopularNobody on Twitter below.

Williams bail has not been set, as she sits in jail on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, evading arrest, plus DWI and criminal mischief charges per the report.

You can see the full story from NBC-DFW by clicking here or via the Twitter post below.

If I would have been a witness to this incident, I would most definitely feel the need to walk on into that liquor store and get myself a drink afterwards. But, I would also beware of the below alcohols which can produce some nasty hangovers.

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