A road rage shooting that happened in a quiet neighborhood in Slidell on Wednesday evening was caught on camera and the video is astounding.

Surprisingly no one was injured. However, a 21-year-old Slidell man has been booked with attempted second-degree murder after firing at another motorist in the wild incident.

According to the Slidell Police Department, Kendell Matthews was in a vehicle that followed another vehicle into the Tanglewood subdivision after the road rage incident occurred near U.S. 11 and Brownswitch Road around 6:30 pm.

As you can see in the above video, the victim, who was driving a white pickup truck, tried to get the gray sedan in which Matthews was riding in.

The car stopped in the street and Matthews jumped out and began shooting at the truck as it drove past. Bullets hit the truck and a house nearby, but surprisingly no one was hurt.

Slidell Police Department
Slidell Police Department

Matthew's vehicle was later spotted by a Slidell police officer near Pontchartrain and Spartan Drive and he was arrested without incident.

"We will not tolerate this kind of careless and inexcusable behavior in Slidell," said Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal in a news release.


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