A viral video of a Lafayette road rage incident is making its rounds on social media.

The video shows two men exchanging words in the middle of traffic before actually coming to blows. Based on landmarks, the incident takes place on Johnston Street near Ridge Road in front of the Time Plaza shopping center.

The clip looks like it originates from @theyoungendeavor TikTok account, but was shared by the creator from his official Facebook page in the Whatz Goin On in Acadiana group.

As the vehicle filming with the dashcam approaches Ridge Road headed toward the Acadiana Mall, you can see traffic stopped as two men are standing outside of their vehicles arguing. At one point, one of the men can be heard repeatedly calling the other man a "coward."

At what could be considered to be the climax of the video, one man jump kicks (??) the other man's door shut but is met with a fist that sends him backward which is where we see the video end.

TikTok, @theyoungendeavor
TikTok, @theyoungendeavor

But if you pay close attention to the video, there are a few clues that let us know that the clip is actually from a few years ago.

Let's start with the time stamp on the clip itself. If you notice, the Garmin dashcam date reads January 2019—which would also explain why both men in the video are dressed in jackets. Anyone who has been outside in the last few months would probably agree that it would be brutal to wear coats right now in this south Louisiana summer heat.


Another major clue is that the newly-built Burger King isn't visible in the clip, which would also line up with the 2019 date stamped on the original dashcam video.

Regardless of when the incident took place, the valuable takeaways here are:

  1. Never get out of your vehicle in the middle of traffic on Johnston Street. (or anywhere for that matter)
  2.  Cameras are literally everywhere, and you will literally end up on the internet—even if it's years later.
  3. Don't run up on someone unless you're completely prepared to get done up by the said person.

Drive safe. Keep your cool. And don't end up on the internet for fighting in traffic.

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