Today is Cinco de Mayo, as good a day as any to win Bayou Country Superfest tickets!

United Blood Services on Bertrand Drive is open today, taking blood and plasma donations and giving away free chips and salsa, as well as your chance to win a $100 gift card to Izzo's Illegal Burrito and 2-day passes to Bayou Country Superfest!

Plus, check out the t-shirts they did up for today:

United Blood Services Cinco de Mayo Shirt Photo by John Falcon

The month of May is notorious for a drop in donations at United Blood Services. The dip is attributed to the beginning of summer vacations, graduations, better weather - a whole host of factors that divert people's attention away from the importance of donating.

UBS is open all weekend, so please consider taking a moment to donate. Click here to fill out the health profile or to make an appointment.

If you were to need blood, you'd want some to be available, right? Pay it forward, the life you save could be your own, or that of a loved one. Or that of a stranger. One way or another, it will be a life that you save.

(United Blood Services)