'X Factor' auditions continued as the gang of judges headed down south to Greensboro, N.C. Britney Spears admitted she felt at home there because she's from the south, and the weather was very reminiscent of her home state of Lousiana, but we all know this is the episode where lightning strikes and Spears freaks out, something we're very much looking forward to!

Willie Jones was the first to audition. With a Kid n' Play haircut and dressed in jeans, a jean vest, and a plaid button down hanging around his waist, Demi Lovato said he looked like the fresh Prince of Bel Air, and she was spot on. But as we were waiting for Jones to thrill us with something fast and loud, he opted for 'Your Man' by Josh Turner, a country song.

It only took a few words to fly out of his mouth before Jones had the crowd on their feet cheering him on. The judges mouths formed perfect O's as they sat in shock, completely taken by surprise that a country twang was coming from his voice.

"That was amazing," said L.A. Reid after what felt like a longer audition than usual. "I was very surprised, I wasn't expecting that," said Spears. "And as L.A. said, I think it was very original of you to do what you just did." Lovato found him extremely likable and humble, and pleaded with him to always stay that way. The best critique came from Simon Cowell, though, who said Jones was the reason he wanted to come to Greensboro. "Your voice is a sensational recording voice ... this is a day to remember."

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