Most people in my neighborhood will not wave at you to save their lives.  What has happened to people's sense of decency?  Waving doesn't cost anything and is just simply the polite thing to do.

I've never seen anything like in my life.  I can be 10 feet from some of my neighbors, wave and say a big vocal "Hello" and they will not say a thing in return.  They won't wave, hell it's like I'm invisible.  The other day one guy was cutting his grass and I forced him to wave.  I stopped my car, rolled down the driver's side window and didn't move til I received acknowledgement.  I refused to move the car an inch, I had had enough.

When I was growing up, even as children, we waved and said hello to people in the neighborhood.  The children in my neighborhood won't even get off the street so you can pass.  The world has changed.

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