I love football! Super Bowl parties, not so much. it seems to me that Super Bowl parties are about everything but the game. A recent survey indicates fewer than half the people who attend Super Bowl parties list the game as their number one reason for being there.

56% say the food is their top priority. 54% say it’s a social occasion. More than a third (38%) want to see the commercials. What are the most popular foods? Chicken wings, pizza, cheese sticks, chips, and dip. I stopped hosting football parties 10 years ago. When the Saints went to the Super Bowl, I watched the NFC championship game alone at home.

An attractive woman invited me to a Super Bowl party, so I attended. It was, fortunately, a small gathering. I was able to pay close attention to the game and watch the Saints make history. This year, being a long-time Saints fan, I'll be rooting against San Francisco.

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