So many times I hear not so rich people, say not so nice things about rich people.  I'm guilty of it myself.  Is it out of jealousy?

How many times have you said something negative about your boss, your rich in-laws or the people who live in the biggest house in your neighborhood?  I think many of us are guilty.  "They're snooty", "The boss man at work works us like a dog, he makes all the money and he don't do sh*t" or "They live in the big house, must be mommy and daddy's money that bought it", I know you've heard people say these things.  And without merit.

Why do we, the not so fortunate, say such things?  Why don't we realize that maybe those people are wealthier than most because they took risks us poor folk are too scared to take.  Maybe they worked harder.  Or, yes, maybe they just got lucky.  But none of those reasons warrant negative thoughts and comments.

Next time you have a negative thought or comment about 'The Man' or someone with a lot of money, ask yourself, when was the last time a poor person gave you a job?

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