The bottom of every good list, the top of every bad.  Corrupt politicians.  Horrible roads.  If a robber went into your home and stole money out of your wallet, you'd call the police.  But the state of Louisiana can do it and what do we do?  NOTHING!

I can't take it anymore.  Roads that are worse than those of a third world county and new ones that only last a few years at best is unacceptable.  Why aren't we screaming until we get answers or better yet, results?  Generation after generation, we just let it happen.

I urge you to take action.  Some sort of action.  Make a call.  Yell out the window of your car.  Go to a meeting.  Folks, for the love of God, do something.

Now I know, I will get a few naysayers.  There will be a handful that try to defend the state.  I'd say to those people, take off your blinders.  OPEN YOUR EYES to what's been going on since before the days of Huey P. Long.  However, I will say this, they put Edwin Edwards in jail, and he certainly was corrupt, but at least he got stuff done.  See, he liked to show off.  He liked to win.  That's why the Superdome was bigger than the Astrodome.  I've liked a few, but most of the Governors since Edwards have not done much at all.  It's sad.

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