If you are looking for where you can safely and properly dispose of any political signs that were placed in your yard ahead of recent elections, you have plenty of options around Lafayette.

Liz Webb Hebert, City Councilwoman for District 3 in Lafayette, made the below Facebook post with the information on political sign disposal.

Please do not put political signs in your curbside recycling, as there are multiple options around Lafayette for proper disposal.

I have listed all of the locations that are in the above post for your convenience

  • Dean Domingue Compost Facility & Recycling Office - 400 Dugas Rd
  • Tobacco Plus, 1407 SE Evangeline Thwy
  • Shop Rite, 3555 N University
  • Shop Rite, 1110 N University
  • Shop Rite, 1900 Dulles Drive
  • Shop Rite, 2400 W Congress
  • Shop Rite, 2301 Ambassador Caffery
  • Tobacco Plus, 2305 Ambassador Caffery
  • Tobacco Plus, 1906 Ambassador Caffrey
  • Shop Rite, 400 W Congress
  • Tobacco Plus, 4311 Johnston St
  • Shop Rite, 237 Doucet Rd
  • Baldwin Redi Mix Lafayette Plant, 2000 E Broussard Rd (near street)
  • Baldwin Redi Mix Broussard Plant, 301 LA 96; Broussard (near street)
  • Broussard City Hall, 310 E Main St; Broussard (behind city hall)
  • Shop Rite 4108 Hwy 90 East, Broussard
  • Shop Rite 301 Verot School Rd
  • Tobacco Plus, 3044 W Pinhook
  • Youngsville City Hall, 305 Iberia St; Youngsville (front of city hall)

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