Where is the largest piece of undeveloped property in Lafayette? This Google Maps satellite view might just tell us.

Google Maps


While I was looking at Google Maps, I noticed this big green section and tried to spot any buildings or homes under those trees; I could not. This section of land is just off of Pinhook, behind Zorba's Greek restaurant and Chili's.

I noticed the large patch of trees while looking at Google Maps, and it made me zoom out to see if there were other large areas within the city that weren't developed.

There is another large patch of trees noticeable on the satellite view, not far from this one. It's on South College Extension, at its intersection with Market Place just off of Kaliste Saloom.

Google Maps

It looks like there aren't too many undeveloped areas within the city limits, but looking at the map, it appears that these may be the two largest.

With the property off of Pinhook's proximity to the Vermilion River, it may be susceptible to flooding (I would guess it was fairly wet after that big flood in 2016), which could explain why it hasn't been developed. As for the property on S. College, unless it's a low-lying piece of property, it looks like a great area for development. Property values there would probably be decent, as Oak Place, the neighborhood adjacent to that property, is very nice.

I am sure that there are real estate developers who could tell us if I'm right in my assumptions.