We're all so busy these days that we can get stuck in the rut of everyday life. We end up only seeing the places between home and work, and there might be places around Lafayette or Acadiana that aren't far away at all that we just don't get around to.

Chris Meaux, who fills in for us here at KTDY, decided to visit the Northgate Mall and see what it's like today. Chris admits he hadn't been there in 10 years, and maybe you haven't been there in a while, either.

In the first video, Chris talks about his memories of going to the Acadiana Mall and the Northgate Mall as a kid. The next 2 are videos of the Northgate Mall today. Watch these videos to see how things have changed.

I can remember when the Northgate Mall and the Northgate Cinema had a lot of activity and was as busy as the Acadiana Mall. Share your memories of the Northgate Mall with us on Facebook.