Someone recently took to Reddit to ask the question "Alternatives to Tony's?", meaning "what's your favorite Cajun seasoning mix that's not Tony Chachere's?".

One of the reasons the Reddit user "NeedSomeZzz" was looking for an alternative to Tony's is because of the salt content.

Well, in my book, Tony Chachere's is definitely one of the best. I can use it on most foods - meats, vegetables, chicken; but on seafood, it doesn't always fit well with my taste buds.

I'm also a big fan of Nunu's Cajun Seasoning Mix, Billeaud's Season All, Feezo's, Ragin' Cajun Fixin's, Cajun Works (the jalapeno mix) and, of course, Slap ya Mama.

The Reddit post mentioned a few I have not yet tried but will be soon!

I'll be stopping by Breaux's Mart, Best Stop, Stein's in New Iberia and South End Country Mart on 167 before Maurice.

Which ones am I missing out on?

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