Ah, Festivus. Made popular on Seinfeld as a holiday created by George's dad to avoid the consumerism of Christmas and that 'distracting' tinsel, Festivus was actually a real holiday created and observed by series writer Dan O'Keefe.

The faux holiday has gone on to become a real tradition for lots of people, and here's what you need to know if you're going to celebrate Festivus this year.

The Festivus Pole: The Festivus pole is an aluminum pole that has a very high strength the weight ration. You can order Festivus poles from a number of sites, but you can also get an aluminum fence post or shower curtain rod and keep it simple and cheap.

The Airing of Grievances: It's always a good idea to avoid conflict during other holidays, but Festivus is all about conflict! Set aside time for telling everyone present just how much they've disappointed you throughout the year. It's not mean, it's a Festivus tradition!

Festivus Dinner: feel free to serve non - traditional holiday fare like frozen pizza, spaghetti, or ask everyone to bring a covered dish. Serving alcohol is up to you. Frank didn't serve any at his Festivus celebrations, but at least one guest drank his own liquor from a flask. Encourage your guests to bring their own alcohol so you don't have to spend more money on the people that disappoint you!

The Feats of Strength: Here's a tradition you might want to honor outdoors if you don't have the biggest space in your home. The head of the household gets to wrestle the person of their choosing, and the Feats of Strength doesn't end until the head of the household is pinned to the ground. However, Festivus rules allow for wrestling to be replaced with other feats like arm wrestling, horseshoes, darts, or anything that won't lead to serious injury.

The Festivus Miracle: This isn't something you can really plan, but just about anything boring and mundane would work as a Festivus Miracle. Encourage your guests to share recent things in their lives that might be Festivus Miracles, like finding a penny in a parking lot or finding that missing DVD player remote.

Optional: Show your guests how charitable and caring you are for all human beings by giving them a card telling them that you've made a donation in their name to 'The Human Fund.' Since there's no such thing, the only money you'll spend is on printing out the cards. Click here for a few options.

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