As they say, "when one door closes, another one opens". Well, the door to the old Schlotzsky's on Johnston Street is about to have a new name hanging from it.

We've had several announcements in the past few weeks about local specialty meats stores expanding, opening new locations around Acadiana.

Just a few weeks back, The Best Stop in Scott announced plans for a new location to be opened in the Broussard area, putting it in great company with Billeaud's, Chop's, Bosco's, Hebert's and others.

This week, it was announced that TJ Ribs lost out on its chance to open in Carencro because a local specialty meats store beat them to the location: The Best Stop. (They are on FIRE!!) The Best Stop joins Don't Specialty Meats, Billy's and several local grocers who have fantastic meat departments.

Today, Developing Lafayette announced that another well-known local specialty meats store is going to be opening in the old Schlotzsky's location on Johnston Street. Kartchner's Specialty Meats will be opening its 3rd location to complement the great boudin and cracklin' landscape of Acadiana.

Kartchner's original store in Krotz Springs is still going strong, and its second location in Scott sees a great show of customers on a daily basis.

The post from Developing Lafayette quotes the owner of the building as saying that the Lafayette location for Kartchner's should be up-and-running in January of 2022.

The Great Boudin War continues, with several of the warring factions advancing to create new fronts in the battle, and we couldn't be happier.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

As someone who likes SO MANY DIFFERENT BOUDINS, I gladly welcome any new (or expanding) boudin business to the area. I like Nunu's boudin. I like Don's boudin. I like The Best Stop's boudin. I like Richard's Meat Market's (Abbeville) boudin. I like Kartchner's boudin. I like Hebert's boudin. I like Billeaud's boudin. I will drive to New Iberia from time to time to get Legnon's boudin. (See a trend here?)

The bottom line: if you like boudin, this news should be music to your ears!

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