Paul Harvey, legendary broadcaster, was probably the best story teller to ever grace this earth.  When Harvey spoke, you were drawn in, he compelled you to listen, held you till the very end and left wanting more.  His 'What Is A Policeman' story is classic Paul Harvey.

When was the last time you thought about a police officer?  They are all around us and in our world everyday which may be why they become part of our daily landscape and are taken for granted...until you find yourself in trouble.

We see them at the mall, working accidents on our highways, during weather events when everyone else is safe indoors, at the neighbors who can't seem to get along, at fires, at concerts and sometimes at a coffee shop getting a treat just like regular folks.

Being a police officer takes a special breed.  How do you leave a job like policeman at work and not bring it home at night.  How can you ever go into 'not today I'm off' mode.  How do you shut down the desire to help people?  And most importantly, how do you feed a family on a policeman's pay?

This past weekend, I paid close attention to my surroundings and noticed that these unsung heroes were everywhere.  Had I not been focused on spotting these brave souls, they more than likely would have just blended into my everyday world.  I challenge you to keep a eye out for police cars and the people who drive them.  And I also challenge you to make an effort the next time to see an officer, to stop and say thank you.

God bless the men and women in blue and may they stay safe.

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