In Judice,Louisiana I'm convinced there are creatures that Science hasn't discovered.  When I walk out the back door, which faces about a mile of crawfish ponds, I have to look up, down, left and right to make sure nothing is about to jump out and get me.  This regimen is not needed in the front yard, however,  just in the back near the vast open space of those crawfish ponds.

The other night there were two creatures flying around the flower beds, possibly drawn to the lights and the bright red flowers in the garden.  These flying UFOs looked as though a giant moth, a hummingbird and a grasshopper had mated.  And just for the record, grasshoppers will make me run so fast in the opposite direction, even at 53, I know I could still win an Olympic Gold Medal if being chased by one.  These two flying birdlike moths had a beak like a hummingbird, a moth type body and one was much larger than the other.  The one in the video is the smaller one.  They seemed to enjoy going from flower to flower pretending to be hummingbirds.

So what is this thing?

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