Our radio stations all have Facebook Pages for business, which operate slightly differently than personal Facebook Pages.

One of the features on the business pages allows users to schedule posts in the future; this allows business or groups to post specials, discounts, announcements, several days ahead. This facilitates in the perfect execution of a marketing campaign and allows for the announcement to come in conjunction with other events.

For us radio people who are responsible for keeping fresh content on our social media pages, even on weekends, the "Schedule" feature allows us to have more of a "normal" weekend: we schedule posts for Saturday and Sunday, allowing us to spend time with our families and get stuff done around the house. You know, like "normal" people.

This morning as I burn my tongue on the hottest cup of coffee my Cuisinart has ever produced, I notice that there is no longer a "Schedule" option on our page. The first question that comes to mind is this: why is the coffee hotter today than it was last week? The second question was more directed at the Facebook situation, and it included an expletive.

You MUST know about "This Fall Looking Cooler Than The Last". I MUST post this story to our Facebook Page so that you will have access to that story (around 10. I think that would be a good time for you to read that story. Does that sound good to you? Or would 10:30 be better? Let me know!). My heart sank when I opened the dropdown menu and saw this:

Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon
Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon

Well, I guess I now know what I'll be doing around 10 this morning. (Or 10:30? Which is better for you? Let me know!)

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