I am guessing that the best answer to "What does a fake $100 bill look like?" would be "a $100 bill". When I saw these photos, I was blown away.

It looks like a normal $100 bill. Larry Miller, the owner of some McDonald's restaurants in Acadiana, posted these photos to his Facebook page today. With my naked eye, and without a real $100 bill for comparison, I would accept this bill as legal tender.

Do you see a problem with the bill? According to Larry's post, it's actually a $1 bill that has been bleached and then imprinted with the $100 bill image. Even in the close-up, I wouldn't be able to tell that it was counterfeit. (Maybe it's because I work in radio and I don't have the opportunity to handle many $100 bills.)

So should the take-away here be to never accept any $100 bills from people you don't know and trust? And what happens if you find yourself in possession of a counterfeit bill; will the police believe you when you tell them that you didn't print it in your she-shed, Sheila?

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