We think about how and where we spend our money. We do that a lot. The one time we really need to think about our money is when we spend it. How many times have you reached into your wallet or purse checked just enough of the writing on the bill to verify its denomination and then we hand it over to complete our purchase.

That's one habit the bad guys hope we never fix. Because that lack of detail at that instant is how counterfeiters operate. Unfortunately, the funny money guys have been operating in South Louisiana, again.

Police in Lake Arthur say a business in that town was the unfortunate recipient of two bogus $20 bills. As you can see from the picture provided by Lake Arthur Police, those bills look pretty darn real. You'd have to be paying attention to notice what's wrong with them.

That's why Lake Arthur Police are encouraging business owners in the area to ask their employees to verify each bill used in a cash transaction. There are important safeguards built into American money. Verifying the legitimacy of those bills could have saved this merchant some lost inventory and a lot of heartaches.

Our advice, be on the lookout for funny money, especially in denominations of $20, $50, and $100. Those denominations appear to be the choice of the bad guys. By the way, if you suspect someone is passing bogus bills call your local law enforcement agency.

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