I must admit it would get my attention if I was stopped behind a vehicle at an intersection and the individuals in that vehicle started tossing what appeared to be cash money out on to the streets. No, it wasn't a scene from a movie but the money being used was certainly fictional, at least according to the Rayne Police Department.

According to eyewitnesses, the individuals that were tossing the very real looking $100 bills into the streets were driving a silver sedan. The money, or should I say, paper decorated to look like money was actually marked "For Motion Picture Purposes".

Rayne Police are looking for your help in finding the individuals responsible. Also, they are cautioning area businesses to be on the lookout for individuals who might be attempting to use the illegal tender to make purchases around South Louisiana.

Police also remind those who might be tempted to try and pass one of these bogus Benjamin Franklins that the use of counterfeit money is against the law. In fact, it's against a lot of laws and you'd find yourself in a more trouble than a real $100 bill could get you out of.


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