Facebook experienced an outage for several hours today, leaving many people without their "habit."

I'll admit that I did catch myself a few times trying to check Facebook, well aware it was still down, just for that reason: it's a habit.

Granted, I am required by my employer to have a Facebook account so that we can "engage with" our audience, so it's more than just a habit for me: it's my job.

But what about those who have Facebook solely for personal reasons? What did you do with the time you usually spend scrolling through your feed?

I saw on Twitter that many people went to Twitter to talk post about Facebook being down (and the memes were awesome, btw), but did the outage make you think about your Facebook usage at all? Did the outage make you realize that you can live without Facebook? Or did it cause you anxiety in a manner that would lead you to believe that you have a "problem"?

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According to CBS News, the Facebook whistleblower, former Facebook employee Frances Haugen, came forward because she was uncomfortable with what Facebook was hiding: the platform is bad for the public.

When Haugen left Facebook, she took with her tens of thousands of pages of research that shows that Facebook is aware that its platform is affecting societies around the world in a negative way by allowing hate speech, divisive political speech, and misinformation.

Her interview aired on television last night, and Facebook experiences an outage today. It could be a coincidence, but some conspiracy theorists think otherwise.

Regardless of why the platform was offline today or how much Facebook knew about the hate and misinformation it spreads, I want to know what you did with your time.

Did you belittle anyone in person for taking or not taking the vaccine? Did you call anyone a "Libtard" or a "Right-Wing Conservative Nut"?

YouTube Via AnitaSamantha
YouTube Via AnitaSamantha

Did you bash the President or call the Speaker of the House a derogatory name?

Or did you pay more attention to your children? Did you call your mom? Did you take time to reaffirm yourself instead of comparing yourself to someone you saw on Facebook?

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Facebook is an incredible tool to stay in touch with friends and family. It's great to use as a scrapbook of sorts, uploading photos of family events for future reference. It's great in that it reminds us of loved ones' birthdays. It's great for posting "Wanted" photos to help find criminals and get them behind bars. It's great for recipes and engagement announcements, fundraiser promotions and pet pictures.

It's also great for spreading hate and fear.

Now that Facebook is back online, let's try to remember to use it for good, k?

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