There was a recent post to the Acadiana page of Reddit asking "What are your favorite Cajunisms?", and I thought that it would make for a great discussion!

The question was posted by a transplant, someone not native to Acadiana. U/lateragaintry was very fond of "Lache pas la patate", and was asking for more.

"Mais", "bruh" (short for "brother"), "regarde donc" ("look so" or "look at that"), "cher", and "get down" (to get out of the car) were all mentioned on the Reddit post, but I'm looking for more!

One of my favorites is "viens voir" (come see). I remember my parents using that one frequently. My Aunt Nydia used to say "Non, mais hey!" when should found something hard to believe.

What is your favorite "Cajunism?"

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