One of the things that parents worry about is their children's education, so the question "What are the best public schools in Lafayette?" is one that they should be asking.

I know parents who have left their childhood homes (that they inherited or purchased from their parents) to move across town to be in a better school district for their own children.

While none of the public schools in Lafayette received an "A+" rating, none received lower than a "C" rating.

According to, the best 5 public schools in Lafayette are as follows:


  • Woodvale Elementary (Google Maps)
    Woodvale Elementary (Google Maps)

    Woodvale Elementary

    According to its website, Woodvale Elementary School Eagles are safe, respectful, and responsible, and those are great attributes for students to possess.

    By the way: Avery Liles and Sophie Cheung received 1st place in the Social Studies Fair for their “Girls on the Run” project! gives Woodvale an "A-" rating.

  • L.J. Alleman School (Google Maps)
    L.J. Alleman School (Google Maps)

    L.J. Alleman

    L.J. Alleman is "A" School of Excellence, according to its website. According to, the school received an "A-" rating.

    L. J. Alleman Arts Academy prepares students for academic success enriched by the arts: Attitude, Respect, Tolerance and Self-discipline! LPSS


  • L Leo Judice Elementary (Google Maps)
    L Leo Judice Elementary (Google Maps)

    L. Leo Judice

    Though in Scott, Judice Elementary comes in at #3 on the list with an "A-" rating by Niche. The thing I like about Judice Elementary is their environmental programs!

  • Wikipedia

    Lafayette High School

    The city's namesake comes in at #4 with an "A-" rating by Niche.

    Lafayette High School is home of this year's Lafayette Parish Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Jennifer Morrow!

  • Early College Academy (Google Maps)
    Early College Academy (Google Maps)

    Early College Academy

    Early College Academy, also with an "A-" rating, came in at #5.

    According to its website:

    The Lafayette Parish School System and South Louisiana Community College have teamed up to create the LPSS-SLCC Early College Academy.

    This academy is based on the early college high school model, which assumes that academic rigor, combined with the opportunity to save time and money, is a powerful motivator for students to work hard and meet serious intellectual challenges. Early college high schools blend high school and college work in a rigorous yet supportive program, compressing the time it usually takes to complete a high school diploma and a college degree.

    Located just behind SLCC in Lafayette, ECA applicants must apply and be accepted into the program.

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