Do you act like your mother yet?  You will.  They say you start to look like your mother.  Well chances are, you already resemble your mom, but when will you start to look like her?

More than half of the women surveyed, over 50%, said the magic age is early 30s.  You start saying the same things your mom says, you watch the same television shows, you even start to share the same taste in men.  Hope your mom has a great hobby, the survey found that by your early 30s you will have the same ones.

One out of every 20 women thought it happened earlier, saying their 20s.  And one in 10 said they didn't started resembling their mothers until after they turned 40.  One out of every 3 women found they started acting like their mothers after having children.  And finally, 51% of women said they were proud of becoming like their moms.

[Via:  Telegraph]


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