What a special moment for this mom and daughter.

Sgt. Robin Green of the Lafayette Police Department and her daughter Nadia Adams were recently featured on NBC's morning show.

Going into Mother's Day Weekend, NBC featured moms and their daughters, and Lafayette was one full display,

Not only do they work together on the same force, but Nadia says in the interview below that while at work, Sgt. Green is still her mom.

Nadia says that she is always learning from her mom and that they both share the same mission while with LPD.

Twitter via NBC
Twitter via NBC

The mission is to protect their community and to put trust in the community by showing compassion for those here

While not on the beat, Sgt. Green and Nadia are very involved in various charities and nonprofit organizations in Lafayette.

One that holds dear to their heart is Fatih House, where women go to escape domestic violence.

Because of their commitment to Lafayette, NBC announced that Heroes Vacation Club would be donating $10,000 to Faith House in their name. But there's more.


The Children's Learning Room at Faith House will now be known as "Robin's Nest." Yes, the room is being named after Sgt. Green.

Plus, Carter's Clothing and the Lego company will each donate $5,000 to the Children's Learning Room at Faith House.

What a special moment for Sgt. Green and Nadia, and yes, Lafayette is very fortunate to have them serving our community.

Their service and dedication to Lafayette have never gone unnoticed, but now we are just glad that the rest of the country is aware of this dynamic mother-daughter duo.

Here's the special moment for the two officers on NBC.


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