As Mother's Day approaches each year, my mind falls back to memories of my mom.

From the simple memories like Christmas mornings and her shrimp and egg stew to the special memories from the time we spent together on a trip to Europe, Mother's Day brings happy memories of Mom.

I saw my mom just a few days prior to her death, which was sudden, so we really didn't get a chance to say "goodbye" to each other and, actually, I'm okay with that. Reason being: I had already thanked her for all she did for me, and I am certain that she knew I loved her.

If I had the chance to say one more thing to her, I guess it would be another "thank you". I find myself doing so many things that Mom used to do and I know that many of my mannerisms come from her, so another "thank you" would be appropriate.

I reached out to people who have lost their mothers to ask what they would say to her if they had the chance to see her one more time. Here's what they said.

What Would You Tell Your Mother if You Had the Chance? Here are Your Answers

We asked those of you who have already lost your mothers what, if you had the chance, would you say to them today?

If your mother is already gone, we hope that this Mother's Day fills your heart with the great memories of your Mom! If she is still with us, we hope that you are able to spend time with her and tell her the things she needs to hear before she leaves us.

Tell her, today!

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