It wasn't your typical day in the usually quiet and law-abiding town of Welsh. Police in the Jeff Davis community were alerted to a disturbance in town. The caller told the dispatcher at the Welsh Police Department that a man was running down the middle of one of the town's streets and he was screaming rather loudly while doing so.

Officers were dispatched to the scene of the report where they contacted witnesses who said the man was hiding under a vehicle in the 500 block of Naebers Street. Officers with Welsh PD engaged the suspect and were able to successfully bring him out from under the vehicle and take him into custody.

Officers apprehended 24-year-old Dakota Tre Miguez of Welsh at the scene. He was charged with criminal trespassing, disturbing the peace and resisting an officer. Miguez allegedly told officers he was under the influence of "Mojo" a synthetic marijuana product.

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