There is a young girl in Welsh, La that is putting not only her name on the map but is also representing Louisiana in the best light.

12-year-old Campbell Leblanc is getting ready to travel to the Little Britches National Finals Competition in Guthrie, Oklahoma where she will compete in the barrel racing portion of the rodeo. This competition will take place from July 4-10, 2022.

Campbell who has been riding horses for about four years and only competing now for three years is very excited to show off her skills on a national stage. Campbell will arrive at the National Finals ranked 13th in the world. Now if you weren’t completely blown away, this will only be Campbell’s second trip to nationals.

Via Facebook/ Shelly Leblanc
Via Facebook/ Shelly Leblanc

This story is a little personal to me since I know Campbell’s sweet mom and I have watched how proud she is of her daughter. The Leblanc’s have devoted every spare minute they have to rodeo life and it is currently paying off.

Campbell trains very hard to be the best she can be. She was inspired by her dad, Reed Leblanc, who has ridden horses since he was in High School and she even get to train with him and Gentry Walker who is the owner of Tough Grass Farms.

“Rodeo life is a family affair and we are her team. We share in both her wins and losses.” Shelly Leblanc

When starting out on this journey Shelley was a little skeptical since she wasn’t quite sure what rodeo life looked like for their family. However, now she is all in and loves it.

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One of the biggest things that Shelley loves is being able to watch the friendships that are made between the children. While they are competing against each other they still manage to become friends and help each other out. They give each other tips and tricks to do better knowing that one day those tips may just help that other person beat them. They cheer for each other and share in each other's losses.

Campbell knows that a lot is riding on this trip to the National Finals and is certainly feeling the pressure but Campbell said,

“some of my biggest challenges in competing is understanding you can't win all the time. You have to learn from your mistakes, practice, and try to do better the next time.”

We are pulling for you Campbell and hope that you make tons of memories while in Oklahoma.

Once Campbell gets back from the National Finals she will have about a month off from training where the whole family is excited to get some much-needed rest before they start to get ready for the next season.

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