If you were interested in attending the Angola Prison Rodeo in October, you may want to mark your calendar for next Monday, August 1, 2022. That's when tickets will officially go on sale for the fall version of the rodeo.

According to a post on the Rodeo's Facebook page, you can order tickets online at www.angolarodeo.com. You can also call their ticket office at (225) 655-2030 or (225) 655-2607. Their hours are 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

All tickets for the rodeo are only $20.

The Angola Prison Rodeo's fall edition will be held every Sunday in October. The spring rodeo is held over one weekend in April.

And if you have never been to the Angola Prison Rodeo, it's a tad different from many rodeos. While they have traditional events like bareback riding, barrel racing, and bull riding, there are quite a few unique things to see.

Some of the "different" events include chariot racing, wild cow milking, and convict poker.

Angola Prison Rodeo, Facebook
Angola Prison Rodeo, Facebook

Another highlight of the Angola Prison Rodeo is the arts and crafts fair. You can shop the hobby craft items for sale that are made exclusively by the inmates. Some of those items include jewelry, leather craft, paintings, and woodworking.

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