It is homecoming week in the town of Welsh, and it took quite a serious turn for several young people and a homeowner.

On social media each year, most of us see a variety of different stories about pranks that happen during homecoming week in a particular community.

While most pranks include toilet paper we have heard of other incidents of pranking that have included seafood in people's yards.

Obviously, things like spray paint and eggs are terrible as they can cause severe damage to someone's property, but those incidents in our area seem to be at a minimum.

We even have seen on social media two different parents who decided to post "Homecoming Rules" in their yard so that young people coming to play pranks know what they can and can't do.

Roger Dale Broderick
Jeff Davis Sheriff's Office Photo

What happened in Welsh earlier this week, according to the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office, is that a man caught several young people toilet papering his home.

Authorities say that the owner of the home, 71-year-old Roger Dale Broderick pulled out a gun, and he fired the weapon.

Broderick was arrested on a charge of Aggravated Assault with a Firearm.

All of this happened as Monday, October 16 turned into Tuesday, October 17. This happened at Broderick's home at 10289 South Frontage Road.

While no other details about this incident have been released we will continue to follow the case until its resolution.

Homecoming pranks are something most parents have had to deal with, but this is a situation that might put into perspective that sometimes unpredictable things can happen in these situations.

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