If you live in Louisiana you have likely taken a trip to a nearby state to visit a beach. So many Louisiana families go to the beaches in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida for a vacation.

Most of us pack the things we know being from Louisiana we need on any trip in the south: sunscreen and mosquito repellant. But, what about the weird items you never even thought about bringing to the beach?

You should seriously consider some of the fun ideas! Some of these items may sound strange, but they really will come in handy on your next beach trip.

An added bonus to these suggestions is that most of the items are inexpensive, and maybe some of the items you can get from a friend.

Giant Beach Towel
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Bring a Giant Beach Towel

You never knew you needed this, but now that you've seen it, you are going to want to order one of these. Most of us head out to the beach early on in the day to stake out where we plan to spend the whole day at the beach.

What better way to "mark your territory" than with a giant beach towel? There are so many different options on size and how they look. Nylon is easy to carry because it's light. You've got plenty of choices.

There are multiple choices. Some come with stakes to push into the sand. It's a great way for your kids to know where you are at all times. Plus, imagine the looks you'll get at the beach when you roll this thing out.

Fitted Bed Sheet at the Beach
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Bring a Fitted Bed Sheet

What a great beach hack from Business Insider. Bring a fitted sheet with you to the beach. You put your heavy items at each of the four corners.

When you want to sit inside just brush your feet off and when you sit down, you don't have any sand on your feet or where you are going to sit.

This is a great idea to pair with the giant beach towel/blanket.

Sock with Baby Powder
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Bring Socks to the Beach

A weird thing to bring to the beach is socks, right? Why would you do that? Well, according to HGTV, bring socks, but fill them with baby powder.

Why would you do that? It's an easy way to get rid of the sand on your feet and legs.

It seems weird to think about bringing socks to the beach, but when it serves as a simple and easy way to get sand off of you, it's genius.

Beach Brush
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Bring a Dustpan Broom

What would motivate someone to bring a dustpan broom to the beach? When you are walking back to your beach chair from the water you don't want that sand staying on your legs and feet.

With your new, and inexpensive dustpan broom that you bought for less than $2 at one of the dollar stores, you can easily brush off the sand from your legs and feet.

And the best part? The bristles are very soft. And, if you prefer you can buy an actual beach brush, but they are more expensive.

HGTV YouTube

Bring a Diaper or Two

Wait, if I don't have a child who uses diapers, why on earth would I want to bring a diaper to the beach?

You'll probably laugh out loud by HGTV explains that bringing a new diaper to the beach is a great way for you to hide your ID, cash, keys, etc. What a great idea!

And hey, let's face it, if someone sees that under your beach chair, there is NO WAY they will touch that. EWE!

Have you ever brought anything strange to the beach that turned out to be a great hack? Make sure you let us know in the comments.

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