This weekend’s box office was essentially the hangover from last week’s big holiday: the numbers are a little smaller, very little in the top 10 actually moved around, and the only new release didn’t even come close to threatening the dominion of Moana and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

FilmWeekendPer Screen
1Moana$28,373,000 (-49.9)$7,322$119,888,000
2Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them$18,545,000 (-58.9)$4,650$183,507,000
3Arrival$7,300,000 (-36.3)$2,504$73,078,000
4Allied$7,050,000 (-44.5)$2,231$28,927,000
5Doctor Strange$6,486,000 (-52.8)$2,210$215,309,000
6Trolls$4,600,000 (-56.8)$1,458$141,371,000
7Hacksaw Ridge$3,400,000 (-38.4)$1,363$57,264,000
8Bad Santa 2$3,288,000 (-46.8)$1,117$14,289,000
10Almost Christmas$2,500,000 (-56.1)$1,607$38,147,000

Moana held on strong following its giant holiday debut, grossing $28 million for a $119 million total so far. It’s going to need strong legs if it wants to do Zootopia or Frozen numbers, but $250 million should be guaranteed, especially if it plays well through the winter holidays. In any case, it should soon cross Trolls, which made $4 million in sixth place for a current total of $141 million. Consider that a reminder that Disney animated movies tend to exist on a different plane.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them made a solid $18 million in second place, bringing its domestic total to $183 million. It won’t do the business of the most successful Harry Potter movies, but it will cross the threshold of the least successful entrees soon, planting it somewhere in the middle of the pack. That sound you hear is Warners Bros. sighing with relief that their five-movie plan doesn’t look foolhardy.

In one of the weekend’s few surprises, Arrival launched itself back into the top three with $7 million, bringing its current box office haul to $73 million. At this rate, the film has a real shot at $100 million, but it’s an unqualified success already when you take its modest budget into consideration. Meanwhile, in fourth place, Allied continued to do sluggish business, grossing only $7 million for a $28 million total. International numbers may give this one a respectable gross when all is said and done, but a Thanksgiving release seems to have been the wrong time for a World War II romance.

In fifth place, Doctor Strange solidified its position as the most successful first film for a solo Marvel superhero since Iron Man, grossing $6 million for a $215 million total. It should cross $250 million before officially running out of steam, which is huge for a character like this.

The back half of the top 10 didn’t offer too many new surprises, with Hacksaw Ridge digging in as the season’s most unlikely sleeper hit and Bad Santa 2 continuing to bomb. The weekend’s only new release, the horror movie Incarnate, flopped with only $2 million in its opening two days.

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