Nudity is a bugaboo word still in today's modern times. Even though we live in a time when nudity and near-nudity is forced upon us at the beach, the mall and almost every major television awards show there is still a stigma about walking around without any clothes.

Adam Kontor via
Adam Kontor via

For a lot of us, the reason nudity makes us uncomfortable is because of what we see in our own mirrors. We often short-circuit reality by comparing what we see in our reflection to what we may have seen online or in our imagination and the results just don't add up.

With the advent of certain online applications and digital cameras, it's easier than it ever was before to share pictures of yourself in various states of undress with anyone you choose. In fact, many of those kinds of pictures have led to issues between couples after the romantic fire has grown cold and said images are shared without permission.

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But what if the picture presented to you was not what it appeared to be? What if the image that looks to be the unclothed body of a female figure is only a computer animation. Is that a nude photo?

There is a website that features images that appear to be nude females but they aren't. The images were created by artificial intelligence and that has raised quite a conundrum among those who seek such images online. And those who want to protect the rights of the fully clothed too.

The site, which I have chosen not to name, allows guests the option of creating their own "person". They can choose from body style, shape, size, skin, hair, and the like. The AI program then takes those preferences and creates a "nude". Or is it a nude?

Nude Beach Sign

I supposed if you wanted to look at pictures of naked individuals without their permission this would be the way to do it since the people don't actually exist. So, there aren't any laws being broken but are there societal norms that are being manipulated?

That answer appears to be yes.

Opponents of this kind of technology say the AI-developed nudes strengthen stereotypes that some men have about women and who controls their bodies. Since the program allows "the man" to make all the choices about how a woman looks, there are many that feel this will just help make bad men worse and good men, not so good anymore.

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The creators of the website say they built the site as a "novelty" and not as a serious sex site or some haven for the perverted to seek out their next victims. But if there are no victims, is there a crime? And if no one is getting "hurt" because they don't exist what kind of rules and regulations need to be implemented.

See all the trouble we're getting into just because we are all as curious as Adam and Eve? 

All we can say is this, put some clothes on and let's go swimming.

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