Could it be?

Our friend over at KATC TV-3, Meteorologist Rob Perillo, shared an image of the Euro model forecast for this weekend and it appears to show snow and sleet approaching Louisiana by the weekend.

However, will it push far enough south for those of us in Acadiana to see some winter precipitation? Well, it depends on whichever weather model you look at.

The Euro suggests that parts of Acadiana could see snow by Sunday afternoon, while the GFS model has much of the winter precipitation staying to the north of us.

Like Rob, I ask, which model are you hoping is correct? If you want to see snow in south Louisiana, you should be cheering for the Euro.

Let me note here that many of the professionals in the weather labs are not calling for much snow for Acadiana. As a matter of fact, many are not calling for any of the white stuff here.

Personally, I'd love to see snowfall here. We don't see it very often, thus I can deal with it for a day or two.

In any case, prepare for some very cold days ahead in Acadiana.


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