Thank goodness it’s spring and not winter while we are all stuck inside trying to find things to do. With warmer weather, at least we can get outdoors to entertain ourselves. Besides, with all the stress in our lives right now with the coronavirus, we could use some vitamin D. Catching some sun is the best way to increase your vitamin D levels. How does vitamin D help you? For one, it helps your body to have strong bones and it reduces inflammation. And if that weren’t enough, spending time outside has been shown to be a stress reducer.

Farmer planting young seedlings of lettuce salad in the vegetable garden

After spending so much of our lives doing the same thing on repeat, like going to the gym, shopping and going to the coffee shops, sometimes it’s hard for us to retreat back to the basics. We took simple things for granted when we were bored. Here is a refresher of some great activities to do outdoors with the family while you’re stuck at home.

Fly a kite

Ride a bike

Plant a garden

Build a Fairy Garden

Play in the rain

Water balloon fight

Take an evening stroll

Play frisbee

Make homemade ice cream

Wash the car

Have a backyard picnic

Art projects

Chalk art

Pitch a tent and camp out

Grill and smores

Games (Board games, Twister, Horseshoes, etc)

Watch the sunset and/or sunrise



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